Group Resources

Welcome to the Commane group! 

This is the second draft of an evolving guide on how to participate in the Commane research group at Columbia University. These webpages borrow heavily from similar efforts by colleagues (especially Prof. Ryan Abernathy). This version is adapted for the work from home required during the COVID pandemic in 2020.


Core Principles

  1. Respect others:   abide by the Group Code of Conduct.
  2. Work hard: we are all here because we are passionate about science and want to make a big impact on our field. This requires working with a sense of urgency. It is important to understand our overall group expectations and our group expectations by role
  3. Communicate with the group: participate in group events, be present for meetings, and be available via communication channels.
  4. Take care of yourself: your physical and mental health is paramount. Self care is an important component of your developing research career.
  5. Fieldwork conduct: While many of us will enjoy fieldwork, this should be done in a safe and constructive way.