Active Projects

New York City night lights from an aircraft

Urban Composition and Chemistry in NYC: NYAAQ

We are currently measuring carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide in Harlem and around New York metro area as part of our research on urban composition and chemistry in New York City. Link through to the NYAAQ project website.

Snow covered wetlands in Alaska

Carbon Dioxide and Methane in the Arctic

The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the global average and soils are rapidly warming. Our research concentrates on carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in Arctic and Boreal ecosystems. 

CarbonFOX mission logo


Global Atmospheric Composition

Satellite data can capture carbon fluxes globally if they are configured correctly

Completed Projects

Fresh, green Hemlock needles

Carbon fluxes in mid-latitude Ecosystems

For the past decade, observations of carbonyl sulfide (OCS or COS) have been investigated as a proxy for carbon uptake by plants.

NASA DC8 aircraft in Fiji for the ATom mission

Global and Remote Atmosphere Composition

Our understanding of the atmospheric composition of the most remote regions of the world was limited by a lack of observations - until the NASA Atom mission