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Arctic Carbon

The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the global average and soils are rapidly warming. Luke Schiferl is leading our work to understand the drivers of long-term trends in CO2, while Maggie Powell and Ludda Ludwig are working on CH4 emissions around the Arctic.

Carbonyl Sulfide

For the past decade, observations of carbonyl sulfide (OCS or COS) have been investigated as a proxy for carbon uptake by plants. Chandler MorrisCharlotte Kwong and Emily Follansbee joined a recent visit to Harvard Forest. We are using OCS and ozone fluxes to learn about the uptake mechanisms of mercury. 


Recent Publications


August 16, 2019

Our high school students have a successful summer

Our summer high school engineering students Barakat, Miguel, Durrel and Brianna presented their work this week in a poster entitled: "Building a cost effective device to measure CO2 in NYC". They worked on coding the arduino controllers, practiced their soldering skills and made mobile measurements of CO2 between Lamont and various parts of NYC. They analyzed the data in R and made a really great poster for the end of the summer. 

Well done to all of them! 

August 02, 2019

Charlotte presents her summer work

Charlotte Kwong presented her summer project work to the LDEO community through a short oral presentation and a longer poster session. Her poster was entitled: Extending the tropospheric ozone flux record for a hardwood forest and focused on the long-term ozone flux record at Harvard Forest. Well done Charlotte! 

Charlotte will continue her research as part of her senior thesis in the Dept of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University.