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Urban Composition & Chemistry: New York City

We are currently measuring carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide at the CUNY NGENS Observatory in Harlem during the COVID-19 shutdown. The change in the concentrations of all of these gases has been quite large. More work is needed to quantify how much is a reduction in emissions vs good weather conditions. 

Remote Atmosphere Composition

Our understanding of the atmospheric composition of the most remote regions of the world has been limited by a lack of observations - until now. Current Project: NASA ATom Project

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Publication: N2O during ATom

Our paper on nitrous oxide observations during ATom is out in ACP! Yenny Gonzalez Ramos lead the paper with contributions from Luke Schiferl and Róisín Commane as corresponding author. Yenny is now a researcher at the Izana Atmospheric Research Observatory in Tenerife and she wrote a great summary of the paper in English and Spanish