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Urban Composition

We are currently measuring carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide at the CUNY NGENS Observatory in Harlem during the COVID-19 shutdown. The change in the concentrations of all of these gases has been quite large. More work is needed to quantify how much is a reduction in emissions vs good weather conditions. 

Remote Atmosphere

Our understanding of the atmospheric composition of the most remote regions of the world has been limited by a lack of observations - until now. Current Project: NASA ATom Project

Recent News

Summer research continues online

With the continued work from home orders our research this summer mostly continues online. Róisín is still in New York City but the rest of the group are spread throughout the country. Luke and Bronte are in MA, Ludda is in RI and Charlotte is in CA. Unfortunately the project Zeyi is working on has been suspended until we can get back in the lab again. While it's not the same as seeing each other in person, we are embracing online group meetings with added pets.

Our newest group member Savannah is joining as part of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory REU program. Her research will focus on the data that has been collected at the CUNY ASRC observatory since January 2020.