We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to work with us on an exciting new project studying biosphere-atmosphere exchange of carbon and biogenic VOCs along urban-to-rural gradients. Specifically, we are exploring how the unique characteristics of urban landscapes (e.g., urban heat island, forest fragmentation, air pollution, invasive species) modulate the ecological processes that influence atmospheric chemistry. This research includes both modeling and field work. Modeling components of this project include scaling up biogenic carbon and VOC fluxes from ecosystem to regional scales using remote sensing products, etc.

This is a 2-year position based jointly at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) in Palisades, NY and The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center in New York City. Postdoctoral Researchers have PI status at LDEO and are encouraged to submit proposals to Federal funding agencies to begin their research career.

Our ideal candidate has a PhD in ecology, atmospheric chemistry, or related field and experience with one or more of the following and interest in learning the others:

  • Ecosystem-scale modeling of biogenic carbon or VOCs
  • Leaf-level gas/VOC exchange
  • Ecosystem CO2 fluxes
  • Tree physiology
  • Ecophysiology

The researcher is expected to travel for fieldwork in forest and grassland field sites in the New York Metropolitan Area and Gaithersburg, MD and should either have or be able to obtain a US driver’s license. Candidates should have experience with programming languages such as R, python or IGOR. Start date is flexible, but summer 2021 is ideal.

Interested applicants should submit their application HERE. Candidates from traditionally under-represented groups are particularly encouraged. Official link to the job posting to follow soon. 


Other than this position, if you are interested in joining our group, please consider applying to

Or contact Róisín with an overview of your research interests to discuss proposal ideas.



Urban Composition & Chemistry: New York City

We are currently measuring carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide at the CUNY NGENS Observatory in Harlem during the COVID-19 shutdown. The change in the concentrations of all of these gases has been quite large. More work is needed to quantify how much is a reduction in emissions vs good weather conditions. 

Remote Atmosphere Composition

Our understanding of the atmospheric composition of the most remote regions of the world has been limited by a lack of observations - until now. Current Project: NASA ATom Project

Recent News

And so starts the summer's fieldwork

We have all made it through another pandemic spring and surprisingly it looks like all our fieldwork will be going ahead in summer 2021 (with COVID adaptations of course)!